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The Launch
It took two weekends to make
15/03/03 - We steam bent 3 pieces of cedar and 3 pieces of ash together to make the inside and outside Stems for each end. We used a tea urn and a pipe for this.

22/03/03 - Glued the Stems together with expoxy glue

05/04/03 - We have started to put the cedar strips on; stapling the strips to the mold and glueing them together with wood glue.
Me, shaping the stems so the cedar strips fit snug on the end.
Katie wiping the excess glue off
06/04/03 - It started to take shape after a full days work on it.
14/04/03 - One side of the hull is planked in.
16/04/03 - Each Piece of wood now has to be cut to fit. This seem to be taking its time.
A Helping Hand - From left; Jane, Jo (Chief Gluer) and Jason
20/04/03 - The Final Piece has been put into place after a couple of hard day work. We then cut the sides to make the curves of the sheer-line..
Here you can see where we have tried to match the colours up.
26/04/03 - Finished shaping the outside stems and glue them on, Katie has now remove all the staples
Sanding down the canoe so it is nice and smooth
Here we have filled in all the little gaps and now start to look like a canoe.
4/5 May - Finally finished sanding. Put the fiberglass cloth and first coat of epoxy on.
Katie painting the epoxy on.(nice suit!!!)
After 6 hours waiting the second coat is applied. it starting to look good.
10/11 May - It off the mold at last I Cant Believe how light it is
It had it first coat of epoxy inside
Last Coat of epoxy applied. Just just trimming to fit and to varnish it.
Here my first attempt at making the seat with Mortice and Tenon Joint to join the pieces of wood togther.
17/05/03 - Start of a long day. Managed to install all gunwales and deck
18/05/03 - We have planned and sanded the gunwales and decks.
We have installed one of seats
19/05/03 -Had a day off work to try and get it done by the weekend. All seat and the yoke installed
The first coat of varnish has been applied
23/09/03 - After Months of problems with varnish not drying. The Final coat has just about dryied (Touch Computer Screen). I recommand if anyone every does a project like this always give the epxoy a good clean with water and a Scourering pad untill the epoxy goes dull, and apply the varnish very thinnly
>The first seat has been finished